Sunday, June 29

In these 30 days of June #1 I made her sniffed

I made a motion clip for my elder sister, Anna celebrating her 23rd birthday fell on 13th of June.
The idea came out from nowhere but I thought video is the best way to deliver my birthday wishes to her as she's been away from home since two years ago and watching online greetings would be simple and nice.
It would be nicer if I made some gift and send it to her but it's almost impossible to do so with the current workloads in the office. A hand-made video isn't too bad after all.

A two-days-works gave me lots of satisfaction playing with Window Movie Maker. Drawing the characters and scanning them took very little time and editing the movement in Photoshop weren't too difficult, too. The challenging part is to do it the old manual way to fit in all pictures frame by frame (total of 40 jpegs) and synchronizing it with my self-made background music. (I did not have time to explore using Adobe Flash and other more advance software staring at those buttons and tutorials) A 55-seconds-video is just nice for a simple belated birthday song.

She called up the night when she watched it from Facebook with her crying voice. Haha. My heart melted and tears of joy rolling in the eyes.