Tuesday, June 19

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

How to attract 20 million tourists to Malaysia in year 2007?

I don't quite know.
Perhaps the regular tourist hot spots of beautiful sand beaches and crystal clear sea water at the east coast's islands, exotic kampung living sceneries at certain rural area, the living aboriginal legend hidden in the East part of Malaysia, several hot spots that we could name in 10 seconds such as Penang, fresh air in Cameron Highland, mother nature of Taman Negara (Pahang), old town of Ipoh, fishing villages in Terrenganu, Batik making in Kelantan etc etc.
Or perhaps the interesting flash flood swimming party in KL, the awesome frightening rob and rape cases in JB and even and the latest murder trial of a beautiful Mongolian which is so happening lately. (I do love M'sia so much although i'm leaving soon.)

I found an interesting spot in London just a minute ago. Amora London.
How I wish to visit London now! A sex theme park, how attractive is the term. Calling it The Academy of Sex and Relationships would be just nice. Educational and inspiring.

"The more sex we have the more we want and the less sex we have the more we want."

This comes from the Academy's director Dr Sarah Brewer regarding to Amora London.
The space is made of few zones including [Sexplorium], [Sensorium], [Fantasy&Fetish], [Love&Desire] etc etc. By looking at the names give much imagination though but I doubt that it could hardly be nasty. The emphasis is on the educational content and the efforts are to make it fun and inspiring.

Very interesting concept and ideas which definitely makes good tourism spots for local and foreigners.
I would say I'm truly attracted and would love to pay visit to this Amora London. (although it costs 15pounds per entry)

Nevertheless, I would say I'm truly interested in conquering Mt. Kota Kinabalu, too! (Wait for me Mr mountain KK, I'll come to you very soon when the right time comes!)

Cheers, and visit Malaysia~

Monday, June 18

/ undefined. /

'The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.'
Ludwig Wittgenstein


I watched the movie today. It is a Japanese comic story turned movie starring Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki. The brief story is stated here but the movie version is slightly refined i think.

I wasn't expecting for the movie but somehow got attracted by Mika Nakashima in her character in the movie.
She's charming. Simply gorgeous.

I would say Jap movie are intend to be categorised into drama most of the time as the way Japanese director tells a story is very detailed and slow. Maybe I'm too used to the typical Hollywood formulaic movie.
It wasn't a bad movie but nothing good to say about it. If you admire Mika Nakashima, it's a great show to hunt for. Anyway, I felt a rush of ambiguous love between the two girls being described in the movie. Is it within the plot?

Something to be mentioned after watching the movie is:

There are several deep silent moments through out the movie having the character(s) being completely silent and look at each other as if another character(s) did understand what the heck is in her/his mind. This is pretty prominent elements/scenes to be found in Asian movie. Having two characters lookin at each other or look at some far away direction and let the audience feel the silence. I could not describe the beauty of being silence but somehow silence is needed in creating climax before going to the next scene.

The silence was undefined. It is sometimes beautiful, touching, cozy, romantic, sexy, sorrowful, cruel or even meaningless and it all depends on the story. Sometimes it's better left unsaid and let the audience feel it. Sometimes it's the other way round.

So here I am, to undefine the feelings I have on you.
It is not to deny, not to hide,
it is just the way I want it to be.
To be silent, and to feel;
and then comes in the mere anticipation,
and then comes in the interaction,
it may be shy, but slowly it lingers
and then comes in the addiction,
that I know I miss you all the time;
and make me wonder if you had me in your mind.

/ undefined. /

Wednesday, June 13

Tioman cuisine~

" It was a delicious and cozy warmie 4 days-3 nights Tiomanese cuisine.... "

*The Appetizer:
~A rush of sea breeze with slight salty taste;
~Greenish blue clear sea water with the mixture of orche yellow soft toasted sand ;

*The MainCourse:
~Hot sizzling South East Asian sunshine assorted with colorful corals and tropical fishes dimmed in salty bluish cooling sea water;
~Quality moment of warm and lovely sea outing with granny and relatives accompanied by laughters and excitement;

*The Desserts:
~Sweetest smile and cutest laughters of little cousin girl named LingJing;
~Heart melted cups of Love and Joy specially brewed by the Granny's;

*The Extra-Special:
~creamy sceneries of sun setting viewing from a wooden shaky jetty;
~Juicy fresh experience of fishing at the sea;

Last but not least:

*The private session of day-dreaming under the tree and free-your-mind moment being hanged within trees.....


Good life=good food=good time with family

Monday, June 11

So now what?

I was (and still am) in a quite lost status of my life currently.

Reason: Because I have graduated from college. (Because I am going to walk out from my comfort zone)


I was yelling “Hurray” and sipping Teh-o-ais limau in the mamak stall chatting with friends about what to do for our holidays after the exhibition work.

The List(!):

1. Getaway! (the first choice is always Pulau Redang.)

Then, sure its going to be:

2. KTV! (a bunch of karaokeans here)

3. Movie in the cinema (any showing one)

4. Makan Chao Dao Fu in Conaught’s pasar malam

5. Bowling

6. Clubbing

7. Swimming

8. (Someone suggested) Ice Skating

9. (optional)2d1n in Genting Highland or;

Cameron Highland or;

Port Dickson or;

Malaaca or;

(any nice place in)Sabah or;

(any nice place in)Sarawak etc.

and the list goes on….

But guess what?! None of the plans were executed together except that we did go for karaoke in one of these past days.


After that, friends (including me) were busy going for interviews. I went for two interviews so far. One located in Damansara Kim and another one is Arc Worldwide(Leo Burnett) in KL.
And another one coming which is DraftFCB in Midvalley. That’s the only 3 companies that I’ve sent my resume to and later on I went for a 4d-3n family trip to Tioman island. (photo updates coming soon)

The first company was looking for designer with knowledge in software Adobe Flash and Aftereffect. The job scope is related to government bodies (DBKL, MPK etc) which I am to design the layout for some messages deliver from them to the public which will be displayed on certain electronic billboards that you can find on the road. Besides that, I would have to do whatever design jobs that is assigned by the boss as I will be the only designer for its company and meanwhile there would be another designer working hand in hand for certain jobs.

I rejected the offer after 2 days. Reason: I am not ready to work alone.

The second company, needless to say it’s a huge international advertising agency. The office is a real nice place to work at. After having interviewed by two young pretty creative directors, I was told to wait for reply in a week time.

A week has gone. Silence.............. (I take that as a negative response.)

The third company that I am going to visit tomorrow is another big agency. Heard it was more corporate and serious. I do not know anything, yet.

But come to this stage, I have another idea in my mind which I felt much more attractive.
"Let’s go Singapore!"
Reason(s): More money, more exciting, more challenges. The challenges here refer to the brand new environment that I’m going to adapt to.

I love changes. I love challenges. And I am about to walk out from my comfort zone to place myself into a total unfamiliar situation. I do not know whether it’s a right decision but I am really excited about walking out from the place where I grew up. And I chose Singapore to be the first station since accommodation and food supply is not a problem there.

This plan is still in its early stage. Not much people know about it but I think the path to Singapore will be clearer once I’ve figured out the right timing. (Probably end of June 2007)

So, now what? Keep on exploring!


“ 时间 像女人的乳沟 挤挤 总是有的。”


两个星期以前,我是早睡早起的。 (早上6点才入睡,早上10点又醒来了。)
两个星期以后,我是凌睡午起。 (凌晨3点入睡,午间3点醒过来。)

可是我现在很难过,因为kiasu(怕输)的精神一直告诉我快点行动吧,机会就在那里,不抓紧就会溜掉了。所以这几天,还是send了resume给某某公司及(以为)很积极的态度在搜寻哪里有fresh grads 的 vacancy。



Sunday, June 10

Asylum Graduates Exhibition Launching [ep.2]

More exclusive photos on the launching day!

[The Place]

[Mr Chin Wee]
-the representative of Mr Tatsun and Ms Veronica
(Wee, we are the 1st batch ever to escape from their presence and speech!)

[Sarah, president of the batch]
-giving speech

[The people]

[The Lauching]
-This is how we launch the exhibition: colours dripping!

[Guests trying to spread some creative juice onto the canvas, too!]

[This is how the canvas looks like at the end.]

[In the exhibition gallery: so stuffy and hot!]

[Exclusive: my dad and bro came to give support.]

[The working crew and friends]

[Batch 45: ASYLUM]

[The final word: Bye Bye!!!]

Thursday, June 7

How far can I go?

Sometimes I wonder how much efforts should I put in doing a task.

But all of the time, I put 100% efforts because I do not want to spend too much time on thinking how much efforts should I put into it before starting a task.

And most of the time, the efforts that I put into a task rely much on the interest that I have in that particular task.

I love it, I'll give in 100% efforts.
I really really love it, I'll give in 102%.
(That 2% is beyond what I can give, but I still try my very best to give.)

This particular task has made me gone much much further than what I've expected.

This is the furthest efforts (money+courage) so far that i'd put into stretching my hair into the maximum shape it could be.
This is the 102% that I'm talking about. I did not expect I could go this far.

(This hairstyle is dedicated to my mum, for her Annual Line Dance Party held in April 2007.)