Wednesday, June 13

Tioman cuisine~

" It was a delicious and cozy warmie 4 days-3 nights Tiomanese cuisine.... "

*The Appetizer:
~A rush of sea breeze with slight salty taste;
~Greenish blue clear sea water with the mixture of orche yellow soft toasted sand ;

*The MainCourse:
~Hot sizzling South East Asian sunshine assorted with colorful corals and tropical fishes dimmed in salty bluish cooling sea water;
~Quality moment of warm and lovely sea outing with granny and relatives accompanied by laughters and excitement;

*The Desserts:
~Sweetest smile and cutest laughters of little cousin girl named LingJing;
~Heart melted cups of Love and Joy specially brewed by the Granny's;

*The Extra-Special:
~creamy sceneries of sun setting viewing from a wooden shaky jetty;
~Juicy fresh experience of fishing at the sea;

Last but not least:

*The private session of day-dreaming under the tree and free-your-mind moment being hanged within trees.....


Good life=good food=good time with family

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