Monday, June 18

/ undefined. /

'The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.'
Ludwig Wittgenstein


I watched the movie today. It is a Japanese comic story turned movie starring Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki. The brief story is stated here but the movie version is slightly refined i think.

I wasn't expecting for the movie but somehow got attracted by Mika Nakashima in her character in the movie.
She's charming. Simply gorgeous.

I would say Jap movie are intend to be categorised into drama most of the time as the way Japanese director tells a story is very detailed and slow. Maybe I'm too used to the typical Hollywood formulaic movie.
It wasn't a bad movie but nothing good to say about it. If you admire Mika Nakashima, it's a great show to hunt for. Anyway, I felt a rush of ambiguous love between the two girls being described in the movie. Is it within the plot?

Something to be mentioned after watching the movie is:

There are several deep silent moments through out the movie having the character(s) being completely silent and look at each other as if another character(s) did understand what the heck is in her/his mind. This is pretty prominent elements/scenes to be found in Asian movie. Having two characters lookin at each other or look at some far away direction and let the audience feel the silence. I could not describe the beauty of being silence but somehow silence is needed in creating climax before going to the next scene.

The silence was undefined. It is sometimes beautiful, touching, cozy, romantic, sexy, sorrowful, cruel or even meaningless and it all depends on the story. Sometimes it's better left unsaid and let the audience feel it. Sometimes it's the other way round.

So here I am, to undefine the feelings I have on you.
It is not to deny, not to hide,
it is just the way I want it to be.
To be silent, and to feel;
and then comes in the mere anticipation,
and then comes in the interaction,
it may be shy, but slowly it lingers
and then comes in the addiction,
that I know I miss you all the time;
and make me wonder if you had me in your mind.

/ undefined. /

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