Tuesday, May 22

Asylum Graduates Exhibition Launching

Here's a little preview of what happened on the night of 18th of May, 2007 in The One Academy,Sunway.

The Reception

The Gallery

The Invitation Kit

The Promotional Kit

It is an end; it is a new beginning.

COMING SOON with more photos!

Saturday, May 5

During the past few weeks 2

This is how it looked when the little momojojojo was trying to rush the 15-frames- storyboard.
There are papers, prisma color markers, 0.2&0.6 artline pens, Staedtler 2B pencils, cutter, scissors, bla bla bla.....

I love to draw. But I love to draw more when it's not for the sake of handing up assignments.

Anyway, I had fun doing the storyboard which is a concept board/TVC storyboard for Nando's Chicken. I gained weights before, during and after doing the illustration for the brand. Oh gosh, look at those delicious grilled chicken! Oh man, the peri-peri sauce seems really hot! Oh, I hafta get myself one of those crunchy salty potato chipsssssssssssssss......

I was in great hell of illusion rushing the work in 2 nights but the illusion of gaining weight wasn't illusion at all. Damn, I need to exercise!!! *looking at my buncit tummy*

Well, NO MORE MARKER VISUAL FOR ME!!!!!!! (at least for the moment, phew....)

Friday, May 4

That's not Malaysia "boleh", that's Malaysia "bodoh" (stupid).

While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry

by Michael Backman


Of all sudden I felt a great need of superman in this country. Superman, a man that are not afraid of the situation happening in this country, a man that is so passionate that he/she hasn't been giving up for this country.

"...So we keep waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the world to change....."

*read this from a friend's blog*




可爱的朋友肯尼仔,有意无意地对着我说: “你也想变香蕉人吧。。。

*哦,火来了! 我身体的温度顿时飚上摄氏,嗯,200度左右吧。*


* “…来呀,我们就用华语,三千个字来写一篇文章,看谁geng….”





我其实一点也不否认我的确觉得英文是很重要的语文。 这种年代,这种想法,无可否认吧!

马来西亚的新一代华裔确实是无可否认的rojak,因为吸收力太强了,把周遭的环境文化给一一消化了,产生了独一无二的Rojakman (罗惹人)!我们的文化,包括语言及生活习惯真是再也‘混’不过了。。。










Thursday, May 3

a drum's night~

In the mid of April (during my peak rushing project time), Mr Henry called up and said:" hey, let's go watch drum play." I thought of pushing away everything that's seducing me to put down my work and go relax. I knew I had to relax somehow but going out on a saturday night for a drum play in KLPAC was way too sumptuous for me.

Anyhow, the passion of Mr Henry has successfully persuaded me to pay him the money of buying the tix which I would have no excuse to escape from the show. It's MONEY! I can't waste money....

So the night came, together with another friend who is very passionate about drum percussion, Tera, 3 of us went to KLPAC to watch the show performed by Hands Percussion Team.

Well, great applause and ovation to the show! There's no way to say regret 'bout watching the play. Technically, it's bombastic and proffessional to the extend of heart pumping and jaws dropped with the non-stop-drum-hitting action and the neatness of more than 10 people hitti
ng the same beats. There's no doubt an international standard's of a drum percussion as they had proved it to the local audience once again. (first time for me)

Comes to the emotional part, where story and acting are considered, the whole show was still very attractive and bravo as drums percussion is all about the emotion of connecting the body and mind into the drums. But still, all i could remember is how the fantastic beats that hits me rather than the emotion that lingers. The emotion is still a little bit weaker in certain parts.

That night was crowded with passionate audience. We met people from TOA, alot of teens from KL Chong Hua HighSchool and I thought I saw Mr Sek San and a lot of familiar faces which I was unable to shout out the names. Well, Tera still owe me 30bucks for the merchandise she bought while I bought a t-shirt for myself. I was broke then. =_="

Words are useless to describe, sometimes. Go experience it in the coming show. (I do not know when.)

during the past few weeks...

During the past few weeks, there are....


and some...


Thank you mummy!

Tuesday, May 1

One of the wonderful things in my life

I used to hate breakfast because I hate to wake up in the morning. (morning=before 12pm)

Well, somehow everything in my life had forced me to wake up in the morning.
I had to go to college for class.
I had to rush work from night to morning.
I had to tell myself, 24hours a day is enough.

Therefore I have to be awake in the morning to feel the day. Honestly, breakfast is all you need to stay awake in the morning.

Doctors said breakfast is good for body, because it give you energy to work in the morning.
Nutritionist said breakfast is good, because you can eat as much as you can and digest the food efficiently without leaving all the fats and leftovers in your stomach which make my body looks like pear.

I love breakfast, but not any breakfast.
Sometimes it's nasi lemak.

Sometimes it's oat biscuits.

Sometimes it's cake.

Sometimes it's bread.

Sometimes it's leftover from yesterday's night's dinner.

Sometimes it's just coffee.

My favourite breaky is sandwiches! Crunchy brownish toast of wheat bread slices, sandwiching a thick layer of green vege, mouth-watering cheddar cheese( this is fattening but who cares) and spicy Ayam brand's chili tuna.
Oh My Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

This is the most wonderful breaky i've ever had(made)!!!


In order to perfect my day, a cup of hot coffee together with my super self-made sandwiches breaky is all I need!!!

A day starts here.