Tuesday, May 1

One of the wonderful things in my life

I used to hate breakfast because I hate to wake up in the morning. (morning=before 12pm)

Well, somehow everything in my life had forced me to wake up in the morning.
I had to go to college for class.
I had to rush work from night to morning.
I had to tell myself, 24hours a day is enough.

Therefore I have to be awake in the morning to feel the day. Honestly, breakfast is all you need to stay awake in the morning.

Doctors said breakfast is good for body, because it give you energy to work in the morning.
Nutritionist said breakfast is good, because you can eat as much as you can and digest the food efficiently without leaving all the fats and leftovers in your stomach which make my body looks like pear.

I love breakfast, but not any breakfast.
Sometimes it's nasi lemak.

Sometimes it's oat biscuits.

Sometimes it's cake.

Sometimes it's bread.

Sometimes it's leftover from yesterday's night's dinner.

Sometimes it's just coffee.

My favourite breaky is sandwiches! Crunchy brownish toast of wheat bread slices, sandwiching a thick layer of green vege, mouth-watering cheddar cheese( this is fattening but who cares) and spicy Ayam brand's chili tuna.
Oh My Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

This is the most wonderful breaky i've ever had(made)!!!


In order to perfect my day, a cup of hot coffee together with my super self-made sandwiches breaky is all I need!!!

A day starts here.

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