Sunday, September 23

Hello Stefan day, 13th August 2007

Hello Stefan!

(It's bit late to update this post)

13th of August, 2007 was a special day for some people in Malaysia. A designer based in New York came to give a talk on his design work and shares some point of view as a designer.
He is Stefan Sagmeister, a rather popular name in design world as compare to hmm, Michael Jackson to the world. (paused..) Okay maybe not that popular but true enough that he had left significant marks in the pages of 20th/21st centuries's graphic design. (the headless chicken with chicken scratches words's poster, series of 'Trying to Look Good Limits My Life' typographic billboard, the AIGA poster with his naked body carved message, scribble words on Lou Reed's face and the recent etc etc) You will some how came across with his work in lots of design annuals and compilation.

For me, knowing that Stefan is visiting Malaysia is like 2-3 months before the event was started to being promoted. I was really exciting and grateful that I have a chance to meet him in person and listen to what he will be saying without flying to New York or else where. I was excited and thinking of how to mark this special day.
I thought of letting Stefan to carve his autograph on my body but I'm afraid of pain.
Then I thought of printing my body into poster and let him write on it.
I also thought of stamping my welcome message on paper and let him reply my message.

Time passed by and tada! It's Sagmeister day and I did not manage to bring anything except for my Nikon D50 with newly added speed light attached. :) I felt much better that I could put on the "hello Stefan" badge to welcome his presence on that day.

It was like going to a concert watching your favourite singer singing his famous song. Nothing more could be expected but to enjoy the event and sing along with the favourite tune.
Listening to his humourous speeches as we went through the presentation was quite a satisfaction with the price of RM80. (For those who have to paid)
It's never about what you would gain from this conference but to feel the greatness of the event as Stefan Sagmeister is standing on the stage talking to you. However, I was deeply admired his artworks which is made of the philosophy written in his notebook especially the 'Trying to look good limits my life' series. And Stefan is pretty good public speaker.

There were selling 'Made You Look' by Stefan Sagmeister.

The cuties who were chewing on candy before saying Hello to Stefan. (From left: ShinYeek, MeiMun & YiSuen.)

Who's in da house? Kien (aka. Tan Kien Eng)! :)

Stefan was presenting his naked butt poster to audience.

Series of Stefan's action on stage.

Stefan Sagmeister presenting recent work on criticizing U.S.'s military expenses.

I did not manage to take a photo with him and I did not get any autograph. I was just too shy.
:p At least Hwa got his autograph while Mr. K is watching.

Stefan surrounded by ladies shouting his name and grabbing his autograph!

Well, I sincerely salute and appreciate to the amazing Mr. K who made this happened. It is very meaningful to the local design scene marking the footsteps of Stefan Sagmeister in Malaysia. In the future, let's hope that more international and local designers would make their ways to Malaysia for design conference and all forms of creative sharing that eventually leads to a better design environment in Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 5

oh play!

I love to play. It makes me feel like i'm a happy 3-years-old. And this interactive stuff kinda made me happy for awhile.

(On your speaker and oh, play!)

Sunday, September 2

Hello fishes.

"I need to be alive again."

Lately I felt dull sitting in office and staring at computer while mousing on Corbis and Getty.
So I unintentionally spoke out my thoughts to few people about rearing fish in office.
"Why fish?"
"Because I don't like rearing any other animals."
"And because fishes are easy to be taken care of and its not expensive at all."
Few days later, my parents bought me these:

How lovely are the fighting fishes! A blue one and a red one who love to fight!
Raccoons are omnivore. And the raccoons in my office would be very happy if I left my fishes on my desk overnight. Hence I could only see my fishes at home after working time.

Later on, I went IKEA and bought two Vasen glass to give my fishes a better home. Tada!

I even bought blue parlor glass decoration to make their home prettier.

It is the ultimate pleasure of taking care of two fighting fishes and watch them swimming happily ever after. (At least better than swimming in the small box in fish shop)

Saturday, September 1

Stamping is fun.

I finally found a reason to touch the alphabets foam stamp I bought in S'pore.
I bought a book for LiXuan's birthday and I thought of stamping the gift wrapper with the foam stamps.
It was a lot of fun to plug out the letters one by one and do inking and stamp stamp stamp!!!
Too bad there are only 2 colours of ink pad. Gotta go grab more colours from art shop.

Raccoon attacked!

Friends asked me about working life in Leo Burnett KL.
I would either tell them about how friendly is Yasmin Ahmad or how great is LB office's environment. It's like a 5 star resorts for a little girl like me.

At least I don't feel like a design labourer or slaves.

But somehow this phenomenon amused me:
Raccoons are found in the office.
Yes, raccoons. Apparently there are 3 raccoons found intruded since years ago and has been shown up actively caught by CCTV at late nights. Anyway it made sense as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is located just besides the office building.

Until one fine day I go to work as usual and reach to office and walked toward my desk and found this......

Raccoons attacked!
My 'candy box' are being sabotaged and the caramel chocolates inside are being eaten!

I salute to the raccoons as they know how to unwrapped and enjoy the taste of sweet caramel chocs and guess what? The raccoons are so kind enough that they didn't eat all of my candies but left one inside the box. Aren't they cute? =_="
It was a mess on my desk. They left big and small foot prints and dropped fur on my papers with chocolate stains all over the place.

These footprints are found sometimes ago. They climb walls like spiderman!

The moral of the story:
Don't ever leave any food on your desk.