Thursday, March 29

Are you in love?

I've been browsing through my music playlists. (A lot of ) Love songs are scattered around.
Here's some of my favourites of all time:

Better Together- Jack Johnson
Comfortable - John Mayer
Love Is A Game - The Magic Numbers
Delicate - Damien Rice
Coffee - Copeland
来来回回 - Jacky Cheung
- 陈绮贞

And the list goes on.....

Eventually i find myself falls into those subtle love songs. Not too intense, just subtlely enjoying being in the mood of love.
The next step, I went to Wiki, and i found this:

This article has all the rationale describing each type of love and relationship in a brief and easy understanding way. Pretty interesting and scientific statement about love.
I wonder if there's another category called Subtle Love.

Well, you might wanna ask yourself which kind of love are you into, if you are in love at the moment.

Happy Lovey-dovey day!


Wednesday, March 28

The Gerber's Anna

ANNA is quite a common name but the first Anna I've ever know is my sister.
My elder sister is Anna. Anna is my elder sister.

Anna is also a song by the Beatles. (...go with him~Anna~...)

Now, this Anna i'm talking about is coming to meet me! ;p
Anna Gerber,a graphic designer and a writer based in London.
Reading her portfolio is like telling myself she's 'somebody' in the design field.
She writes regularily for Eye, IDEA, CR, PRINT
, DOT DOT DOT etc...
(the most rated magazines among designers and probably myself had read some of her articles before in those magazines without knowing her.)
But truly one thing i'm amazed about Anna Gerber is that, I then only found that she's the one who wrote and designed ALL MESSED UP: Unpredictable Graphics. A cool book with aspects on the art of accidental printing error and edgy stuff.

Anna Gerber is coming to Malaysia with Anja Lutz for seminars and workshop!
What a great honour to have them in our college giving talks and workshop. When i received call from Rico telling me i've been selected to attend this workshop dedicated to only 30 students from all major in the college, i'm like, wow, i would go no matter what!

Lots of expectation has been given to this Shift! seminar and the workshop, well i guess they'll just talk about the Shift! project's concept and probably showing some works.

I'm thinking of questions that i could ask them....

Thursday, March 22

the reveals of MOJOSKINE

So what's inside my MOJOSKINE idea book?
THE FIRST PAGE- my contact details

At the corner of one of the page, i wrote:
"I want a library that i can drink coffee in. -18/03/07"

It's really suffering when you are going through great books without a great sip of coffee.

Mojoskine vs. the Clothbound Journal

My prestigious self-made Notebook/idea book/sketch book- MOJOSKINE! (new series from Moleskine)

I thought that i really need a book that i could sketch and jot down all my thoughts and ideas I had wherever I am. So I made this one! But then....

...comes the lovely yeeellow Clothbound Journals! (168 pages hardcover clothbound blank journals made with 100% recycled Sappi Reviva@ paper.)

(oh-sh*t, i forgot what font is this....)

This is the nicest journals/books I've ever had in my life. (Before this, MOJOSKINE is the nicest one.)
I 'won' it in a 'game' during a gathering in Figtree Studio with friends and nicest people around early this year. Thanks to the courtesy of Figtree Design Studio. I'M LOVING IT!
Therefore till now, this journals is still very much untouched as I'm afraid i'll leave dirty finger prints on it. It just looks too nice and exclusive for me to write anything down! Nevermind, I'll eventually use it someday in the future.

appear offline and then...

This is what i do when i appear offline after logged into MSN:

1. Rushing assignments.

2. Playing guitar.

3. Do not wanna be interrupted by words like: "How's life?" from anonymous.

4. Or simply I did not notice that my status is "appear offline" until the next log in.

Wednesday, March 21

appear offline~

What do you do when you log on to MSN
and then appear offline?!

Thursday, March 15

A week gone~

It's been sometimes that I've been neglected.

Internet services neglected me.
MSN neglected me.
Email checking neglected me.
Assignments neglected me.
Meetings neglected me.
Aggressiveness neglected me.

It was an up&down's week where i've experience the extreme changes of emotion.
I could not say more for the moment as assignments are really getting up my nerves that i could not even breath.

For brief, i've lost my dear grandpa in a sudden night last week when i was looking at my piling-up-assignments on my desk miserably. I was stoned. I was worried. I was in the state of anxiety.

I could not say more. He has gone.

Death is a process. That's what i've experienced in the whole last week in Mersing, Johor attending the funeral. Funeral is a process, the shorter it is, the better.

I had some brand new experience. I had some brand new perception. But most important is that I pray that my grandma would learn how to restart her life without my grandpa.

A week gone. Another week comes where assignments and projects are all about.

"Ding, ding, ding!"

Times up. Work, work, work!

Sunday, March 4

*A change would do me good.

2007 would be a great year, because something is about to change.
I would love to change,for better or worse, i would want changes.
A new hairstyle is my first step of changing. At least i look different now.
The next step is to change the place for jotting down my life,my thoughts & my feelings.

and TADA! Here it is.

* To you, thanks for sharing with me all the while.

Life goes on~~~