Saturday, July 28


In 2 weeks time:

1. I became a (slow-tortoise-like) MAC user.
2. I stay in an air-cond space for more than 8 hours a day.
3. I visit Corbis and GettyImages more often than ever.
4. I felt numb in the arse after work and driving.
5. I spend at least 2 hours on the road a day.
6. I feel annoyed and have only my bed in my mind when I reach home before midnight.

"First I was afraid, i was petrified..........................
i will survive! i will survive!..............."

What if i took up the job in S'pore?

It would be like this:

1. Taking MRT and buses with the crowds everyday.

[a bus stop in Orchard Rd.-The Silk Air ad is awesome, nice execution]

2. Seeing my lil' cute cousin rollin' around in his 'Flintstone's mobile car' if he's awake and i'm home.

3. Go shopping everywhere if i still have the energy during weekends.

[Takashimaya-Sales is everywhere during month of July!]

[Paragon Shopping Mall-out view]

4. Checking out every single interesting spots in the lion city.

[Vivo City@Harbour Front]-[take North East Line to Harbour Front station]

5.Checking out what's happening in the city. (Events are everywhere, tourism board of S'pore is really keen on their jobs.)

[Takashimaya Shopping Mall-Food Fest!]

[Cineleisure Orchard-some breakdance+auction+live band+youth club events]

6. Library! Libraries in S'pore are of excellence standards. (Nice atmosphere, wide range of books available, free music listening corner, cafe....)

[Library in a shopping mall. Awesome!]

[Wall with definitions of library outside the library. Interesting design making libraries the coolest place to go.]

7. Hang out with Ted. (If there's free time.)

[with Ted in Vivo City. Sentosa Island is at the back.] *Thanks for the pasta, Loong zai! :D

Well, something has hold me back from intimating with the Lion city.
I could only get more of S'pore in the coming visit but I do not know when.

Saturday, July 21

a week in arc.

the conclusion of my first week in arc worldwide would be:

no comment.

Haha. Not that i keep it to myself but rather than i do not wish to conclude the first week's experience in Arc with uncertainty and interruption.
Traveling to work is the most hectic part through out the first week of work. It's like:

6.30am leave home> drive> traffic jam> kelana jaya LRT> 20minutes LRT> 8.30am in the office> 8.00pm leave office> 20 LRT minutes> drive> 10.30pm reach home

another day went like:

7.30am leave home> drive> kelana jaya lrt> 20minutes LRT> 9.00am in the office> 10.30pm leave office to Kelana Jaya LRT> drive> 11.30pm reach home

another another day went like:

7.00am>drive>generic Federal highway traffic jam> 8.30am in the office>open bank account in Standard Chartered> 9.30am start work> 10.00pm reach home> "a-cheww! a-chewwww! aaaahhhh-chhheeeewwwwwwwww!" > sick and felt like the world is spinning with speed of 240km/h.

Yesterday went like:

Awake> zombie> medicine> felt better> dress up> met up with friends in One Utama Shopping Mall> lunch at T.G.I.F> walked talked shopped> met up with Kay and his so-cute-n-hyperactive daughter > got Stefan Sagmeister's ticket and poster> shopped again for clothes> 8.00pm reached home and hopped on car again to fetch granma from KLIA>
Gosh, i slept at 12.00am feeling the world spun at 360km/h. (yeah, as fast as Ferrari)

Today went like:

Sleep> medicine > diarrhoea > flu > rest > putting my body into standby mode and then hope to restart it smoothly on coming Monday.

Immune system is battling with virus in my body and victory shall belongs to a healthy me!

Monday, July 16

status: confirmed

It's finally a confirmed status of where my first ever sit-in designer job will take place at.

:Yes, I'm a junior designer in Arc Worldwide now.

:No, not Leo Burnett but somehow Arc Worldwide is part of LB.

:Yes, I'm settling down in KL and still resides in where I live since 7 years ago (Klang).

:No, I'm not working in Singapore and the intention to work there has being kept into a shut off box inside my brain.

:Yes, I have a desk with a Mac OS G4 version 10.3.9 with a LG CRT screen.

:No, I could not log into any messenger at workplace yet due to trouble shooting.
Yes, I'll get it fixed ASAP.

:Erm, the generic salary rate of a fresh grad who works in a design firm.

:Well, it's definitely a nice cozy huge great interesting place here but too bad i'm not sitting next to windows.

:Yes, I would and could meet Yasmin Ahmad every working day here in office. She has very private and nice room of her own.
and guess what? I went to bought Sepet and Gubra dvd on my first working day!
but i forgotten to buy Mukshin. Guess the dvd is not yet released. I'm gonna watch them and then, and then, and then go knock on Yasmin's door and kindly ask for autograph. :D

It's only my second day here in Arc. Lots to be catched up and life has begun.

Saturday, July 7

No time no time!

The things I have no time to do:

No time to clean my table;
No time to arrange my messy closet;
No time to organize n' categorize my files in computer;
No time to start execute the ideas i had in mind;
No time to touch the typo stamp foam that i've just bought;
No time to read the book that I've read quarter of it;
No time to compose a complete song that I've suppose to complete long time ago;
No time to share about the latest movie i've watched in my blog;
No time to think about what I'm going to ask Sagmeister when he's standing in front of me;
No time to tell my mum I love her so much;
No time to walk into my bro's room and ask about his life lately;
No time to call my sis in Australia and only expect her to call;
No time to learn up the complete guitar playing of John Mayer's [heart of life];
No time to learn up Cheer Chen's [tai cong ming]'s guitar playing;
No time to continue self learning in Japanese Language;
No time to learn Macromedia Flash 8;
No time to explore editorial writings and start writing social critics;
No time to do exercise and where the hell is my [get-rid-of-buncit-tummy] project has gone?

Whole lot of no-time-to-do-things in my life has made me a hippie. I intend to lead a Hippie lifestyle by being happily lame ever after.

I'm not sure how long I can be happily lame before turning into sorrowfully lame and then find myself has no time to cry. :)

Sunday, July 1

Days in S'pore_#3

The days in S'pore:

tired>long exhausting bus journey>tired

excited>exploration>bus ride>Orchard Rd>keep walking>look see>see look>spent a little>hot>sweat>Chili Crab Festival>Shopping mall>Wheerlock shopping place>a set of typo foam stamp!>happy!>and walk walk walk walk walk.....dinner & exhausted~

lovely Sunday morning>family breakfast at dim sum restaurant>satisfaction>grocery shopping at Tiong Bahru's pasar>going out for jogging or swimming.....

*p/s: I can't stop sweating, my nose cant stop running, while my hand should start sending resume... (To the sky in S'pore, can you start pouring some rain down here?)