Saturday, July 28

What if i took up the job in S'pore?

It would be like this:

1. Taking MRT and buses with the crowds everyday.

[a bus stop in Orchard Rd.-The Silk Air ad is awesome, nice execution]

2. Seeing my lil' cute cousin rollin' around in his 'Flintstone's mobile car' if he's awake and i'm home.

3. Go shopping everywhere if i still have the energy during weekends.

[Takashimaya-Sales is everywhere during month of July!]

[Paragon Shopping Mall-out view]

4. Checking out every single interesting spots in the lion city.

[Vivo City@Harbour Front]-[take North East Line to Harbour Front station]

5.Checking out what's happening in the city. (Events are everywhere, tourism board of S'pore is really keen on their jobs.)

[Takashimaya Shopping Mall-Food Fest!]

[Cineleisure Orchard-some breakdance+auction+live band+youth club events]

6. Library! Libraries in S'pore are of excellence standards. (Nice atmosphere, wide range of books available, free music listening corner, cafe....)

[Library in a shopping mall. Awesome!]

[Wall with definitions of library outside the library. Interesting design making libraries the coolest place to go.]

7. Hang out with Ted. (If there's free time.)

[with Ted in Vivo City. Sentosa Island is at the back.] *Thanks for the pasta, Loong zai! :D

Well, something has hold me back from intimating with the Lion city.
I could only get more of S'pore in the coming visit but I do not know when.

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