Thursday, March 12

three months and a week now

Sudden of all, I took the chance. Rather than to start afresh, it is to continue with better commitment to life.

To rather keep winching (almost) everything about life, I chose to hit the reboot button in a different 'window'. It is a whole different system and that galvanize my action and thoughts (as well as synchronizing them better).

I am looking into a book called ' What should I do with my life' despite its cheesy title. Should it be an act of taking myself more seriously, I know I am enjoying every second of it here in Sydney. I still have not fall in love with this piece of land but it does give me something.

A convenience that I can't resist.

'heartburn' one of the new words I've learnt since my Aussie stay 3 months ago. It is the most frequent word comes out from my (pregnant) sister's mouth nowadays. Just about one more week for her to give birth to a baby boy.

How excited.