Monday, April 30

Broken Fuse

Don't pray pray with electrical thingy. It leads you to miserableness....
It was a loose electrical wire connection that burned the fuse, partly because of the heavy electricity usage. It led to a sleepless-endless-mosquitoes attacked-hot-damp-night....

Tuesday, April 17

my book~

*Imitating is fun! Haha~*


"It was enjoying."


I would have lost my sense if i were to say this to T.O.A but honestly, thanks for having the workshop had been carried out in T.O.A premises with the attendace of 30 students and 2 speakers/leading characters, Anna Gerber and Anja Lutz based on the book which is a collaborated work between the two designers in year 2006.
Based on the concept of th
e book, the workshop is about exploring influences, looking at who or what provokes, inspires and informs working methods and research processes. The aim of the workshop was to raise our(students) awareness about our own influences. We were encouraged to explore and investigate those influences in different ways.

Here's what we were asked to do:
1-Identify 5 of our own influences;

2- Choose 1 from the 5 influences, create a piece of work that reflects and communicates what your influences is;
3- consider the form and dimension according to the influence you want to get across.

Well, kinda easy huh? It has such a big room for you to explore on the given brief and all i know is that i'm gonna have some fun!

[The Briefing]

[The Working Process]

[The Outcome]

-Pui Kam's Nasi Lemak

-Kenny Wang's I thought it's a brick

-Woon Bing's Let it go, explode!

[What I did?]
- I went out to buy some colorful adhesive tape.

-I spent the two days taping the ample space outside the F1 classroom with colorful graphics.

-After all students had explained their artwork....

-It's my turn to explain how Disney's cartoon had influenced me in a way.

-A photograph with Anna and Anja. :)

Monday, April 2

Brothers, where art thou?

"A font a day, keeps the bad typo away." (quoted from my friend, Kenny.)

Introduce to you, the Brothers from Emigre!

It reminds me of gasoline station.

But the story of Brothers was started from an extravaganza of acrobatic and circus act, the bravado and boldness of the circus people.


Great fonts from Emigre.