Friday, May 23

Everybody loved sandwich.

I will miss you and your lovely i-tune library....
Thank you, Jill.
For everything.

We'll keep in touch.

Monday, May 19

Matt is cute.

I've been listening to KCRW more often than ever. (Specifically Morning becomes Eclectic)
Matt Costa was there last week. I didn't know that he was that physically attractive, too.

Kay introduced me to him some two years ago by sending his song 'Astair' and this album cover saying:" This is nice hor..." .

Yeah it's damn nice. I liked every of his songs in "Songs We Sing" and it's still hot playing list in my player all the time. I didn't know how he looks like until the recent in KCRW! ( He looked like a tone-down version of Adam Levine) He is somehow cooler than Jack Johnson. Maybe because he's younger.

New full-length album of Matt Costa is out! Do check him out in KCRW's show. He looked so cute especially on the piano. *blushed*

Putting a full stop/ looking for someone to wrestle with

I'm shutting down my Friendster's account.
Before doing so, I went through my photo albums and found this picture grabbed from a friend.

It was back in 2001 and 7 years gone by.
(Time must have sat on SR-71 Blackbird and flew by)

I was an archer back in high school and this was my first national tournament held in Ipoh.
Seriously missed those days where sports is the only way of skipping school. I could just walk away from class saying I have archery practices and 'cikgu' will not scold a word.
I could wear my track shirt and walk into school at 8.15am and prefects couldn't jot down my name because I claimed I have archery sessions. (But of course good kid don't really abuse with that la.)
I was not excelling in archery though. With a great team, grabbing few gold medals wasn't difficult at all. I was always the one with lowest points collected but managed to get away with it. Haha. Considered my luckiest days to be in the team and enjoyed all the fun traveling here and there within Malaysia. The best I've got for myself was just a 4th ranking in Selangor state and a Bronze in an open national tournament in Kangar, Kedah back in 2004. I quit after year 2004 and concentrated in SPM. (That's when I started to have time looking into mirror and realized the deprived feminine part of me.)

Having athlete's body is torturing these years coz' I can't seem to find time and good way to release the energy in the muscles after pursuing in design field. Basketball and netball is my favourite but can't seems to find a female team to play with. There are all male on the court whom could kill me with one elbow act unless I was trained to only stay out of the ring and do three-point-shoot. Not fun at all.
Jogging in the park is a regular but it could be pretty boring sometimes. Hiking is much more exciting but can't do it often due to location and time restriction.
The rest is just too fussy to get equipments ready and joining fitness center is just too luxurious for me.
I hope swimming could be my regular exercise from now on besides jogging.
(or just find someone to wrestle with...) :p

Saturday, May 3


Mayday. Mayday.
Gone my pocket money.
7 magazines and 4 books.

Thursday, May 1

正要开始感受 #王菀之

说起王菀之,就得说起[我真的受伤了]。除此之外,就没怎样接触过她的创作直到第一张华语专辑的面世。上两个月当电台在首播[怎么会寂寞]时,我的第一个反应就是: 咦,很好听。但是有陈绮贞的影子啰。。。然后就不以为然。
直到最近从同事根叔的‘麦婆’里吸出整张[Ivana王菀之]之后, 才完全融入Ivana的音乐世界。 隔天无意间在唱片行瞄到这张专辑,而上面写着[。。。林暐哲。。费时一年。。打造。。。], 顿时只有三个字可形容: 难怪啦。

听了这首歌,脑海立即闪过陈绮贞的[1234567], 然后又想起杨乃文的[太骄傲]。



*麦婆: [Macbook pro]