Monday, May 19

Matt is cute.

I've been listening to KCRW more often than ever. (Specifically Morning becomes Eclectic)
Matt Costa was there last week. I didn't know that he was that physically attractive, too.

Kay introduced me to him some two years ago by sending his song 'Astair' and this album cover saying:" This is nice hor..." .

Yeah it's damn nice. I liked every of his songs in "Songs We Sing" and it's still hot playing list in my player all the time. I didn't know how he looks like until the recent in KCRW! ( He looked like a tone-down version of Adam Levine) He is somehow cooler than Jack Johnson. Maybe because he's younger.

New full-length album of Matt Costa is out! Do check him out in KCRW's show. He looked so cute especially on the piano. *blushed*

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