Thursday, June 11

New Place to go from here

This space will slowly be dead. Visit me in my new place.

Thank you.

Thursday, March 12

three months and a week now

Sudden of all, I took the chance. Rather than to start afresh, it is to continue with better commitment to life.

To rather keep winching (almost) everything about life, I chose to hit the reboot button in a different 'window'. It is a whole different system and that galvanize my action and thoughts (as well as synchronizing them better).

I am looking into a book called ' What should I do with my life' despite its cheesy title. Should it be an act of taking myself more seriously, I know I am enjoying every second of it here in Sydney. I still have not fall in love with this piece of land but it does give me something.

A convenience that I can't resist.

'heartburn' one of the new words I've learnt since my Aussie stay 3 months ago. It is the most frequent word comes out from my (pregnant) sister's mouth nowadays. Just about one more week for her to give birth to a baby boy.

How excited.

Thursday, November 6

This is cool.

How do different wines taste?

It is beautiful to visualize the taste of different wines in such circular form. Graceful indicators using smooth strokes with different gradient indicating its strength. Nice nice nice.

Wednesday, October 22

The power of love.

The power of love between this two good friends drawn many people to Cameron Highlands last weekend. It was Tokku & Norico's wedding held in Tokku's hometown, Kampung Raja located in the mountainous tourist hot spot. I was one of the invited guest, bride's maid and also vocal performed a song and a half on the stage that wedding dinner's night.

If it was not because of this two cute bride & bridegroom, I would have no reason to visit the lovely places in Cameron Highlands and had my first ever experience in becoming a bride's maid. Especially in such special circumstances which Norico had her parents, sister and close friends flew all the way from Japan to attend her wedding. If it's not because of her, I would have no chance to use my poorly broken Japanese language to communicate with them and had much fun knowing Norico's and also Tokku's family and friends. The wedding was conducted the Chinese traditional way where bridegroom came pick bride up with decorated car and loud horns, prank on bridegroom before he sees his bride, drink tea session with the elders etc. I felt honored to witness all these.

[This is what bride's maids do. Prepare pranks for bridegroom!]

And if it was not because of the two sweet couple, I would have not met so many nice people in the wedding. I was in Cameron Highlands since last Friday evening with Wai Khong and Eugene. The two lecturers from my graduated college whom was Norico's lecturers in Multimedia courses. It's great knowing them and had some fun during the road trip together. Wai Khong was the wedding's decorator and one of the performers. We did a duet on stage after weeks of singing practice together. Eugene was the official wedding photographer for the event. All are helpers in a car.

Besides this, I've got the chance to see mountains of fresh flowers because of this lovely wedding. That's the most flowers I've ever seen in my whole life. It was truly enjoying moment in Cameron Highlands except for the hours of winding road trip.

After the tiring but excited weekend in Cameron Highlands, it was a wedding party held in a Mexican restaurant in Taipan, Subang on the following Monday night. I had another night of great fun. Much satisfaction performing to a small crowd. So warm and cozy dinner. It's such a wedding spree going on and on. The newly weds are very excited and happy although totally exhausted.

Lastly, I made my wishes through a simple motion clip for their marriage. It was quite a rush work before the wedding weekend. Hope they don't mind it. Congratulations again dear Tokku & Norico!

More great photos at Eugene's site.

Tuesday, October 14

Such great meal, such great mood.

I have been adjusting lifestyle since the quit of permanent job. Doing more jogging at the park, kickboxing at home, consuming more fresh vegetable and fruits, no junk food, quit supper and no dinner after 8pm. Sounds funny but I think I'm happier by doing all these at least for this two weeks. Yes, the ultimate goal is to lose 3kg in weight. I wanna get back in shape and find back my flat tummy. I wanna look not too bad in my newly bought cheong sam for a wedding.

Just few more days to a good friend's wedding ceremony. I am one of the bride's maid, helping out here and there for the decoration, and promised to do singing performance on stage. Well, the bride invited me to sing. I'll give my best performance and been doing practice constantly. It's my very first experience doing all these and am very happy and excited about it.

In one of my freelance day in Leo Burnett recently, I brought my own meal to work. Love it so much! Such satisfaction preparing own healthy meal in the kitchen. I found back all those memories I used to spend in kitchen years ago. Cooking is really an enjoying process. And diet food don't have to be too harsh as long as it's healthy and fresh. Although I plan to have just fruits for the whole day, it's hard to achieve in a sudden period. Anyway I'm happy with my salad diet.

Such great meal and such great mood.

Saturday, October 4

Let's get Kyoorius!

A very much anticipating event that I'll definitely have myself a seat there. If you are curious about this event or still hesitating to folk out the money to take part, I would suggest you to go read about each speakers' stories.

These people made great impacts to their respective field and to (some part of) the world. Particularly related to creative economy. Google about them. Read about them. And if you are so impressed with what they've done, you would be generating enough curiousity to listen to what they have to say.

I'm particularly interested in Paul Hughes's 'design thinking'. And if I could meet Chris Anderson, I would love to listen to him talking about his Long Tail. But that's way too much to ask. Buy one and read instead!