Tuesday, October 14

Such great meal, such great mood.

I have been adjusting lifestyle since the quit of permanent job. Doing more jogging at the park, kickboxing at home, consuming more fresh vegetable and fruits, no junk food, quit supper and no dinner after 8pm. Sounds funny but I think I'm happier by doing all these at least for this two weeks. Yes, the ultimate goal is to lose 3kg in weight. I wanna get back in shape and find back my flat tummy. I wanna look not too bad in my newly bought cheong sam for a wedding.

Just few more days to a good friend's wedding ceremony. I am one of the bride's maid, helping out here and there for the decoration, and promised to do singing performance on stage. Well, the bride invited me to sing. I'll give my best performance and been doing practice constantly. It's my very first experience doing all these and am very happy and excited about it.

In one of my freelance day in Leo Burnett recently, I brought my own meal to work. Love it so much! Such satisfaction preparing own healthy meal in the kitchen. I found back all those memories I used to spend in kitchen years ago. Cooking is really an enjoying process. And diet food don't have to be too harsh as long as it's healthy and fresh. Although I plan to have just fruits for the whole day, it's hard to achieve in a sudden period. Anyway I'm happy with my salad diet.

Such great meal and such great mood.

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