Saturday, July 21

a week in arc.

the conclusion of my first week in arc worldwide would be:

no comment.

Haha. Not that i keep it to myself but rather than i do not wish to conclude the first week's experience in Arc with uncertainty and interruption.
Traveling to work is the most hectic part through out the first week of work. It's like:

6.30am leave home> drive> traffic jam> kelana jaya LRT> 20minutes LRT> 8.30am in the office> 8.00pm leave office> 20 LRT minutes> drive> 10.30pm reach home

another day went like:

7.30am leave home> drive> kelana jaya lrt> 20minutes LRT> 9.00am in the office> 10.30pm leave office to Kelana Jaya LRT> drive> 11.30pm reach home

another another day went like:

7.00am>drive>generic Federal highway traffic jam> 8.30am in the office>open bank account in Standard Chartered> 9.30am start work> 10.00pm reach home> "a-cheww! a-chewwww! aaaahhhh-chhheeeewwwwwwwww!" > sick and felt like the world is spinning with speed of 240km/h.

Yesterday went like:

Awake> zombie> medicine> felt better> dress up> met up with friends in One Utama Shopping Mall> lunch at T.G.I.F> walked talked shopped> met up with Kay and his so-cute-n-hyperactive daughter > got Stefan Sagmeister's ticket and poster> shopped again for clothes> 8.00pm reached home and hopped on car again to fetch granma from KLIA>
Gosh, i slept at 12.00am feeling the world spun at 360km/h. (yeah, as fast as Ferrari)

Today went like:

Sleep> medicine > diarrhoea > flu > rest > putting my body into standby mode and then hope to restart it smoothly on coming Monday.

Immune system is battling with virus in my body and victory shall belongs to a healthy me!


DjMeiMei said...

hey girl... must take good care o... sick d then don hang out tooo much ma.. wish u have a great monday ^^

MyKy said...

Yo word up.... Got visit my blog or not wan? Sad la u....

First week at work and got sick ady? Can't blame u, the jam kicks ass.

Maybe u ought to rent a place in KL. Or somewhere nearer. At least cut the jam.

Take care of your health girl.


jo_anne said...

Thanks suatmei and maikai!
I'm getting better and shall be recovering 100% in coming week.
The flame is still killin' me and my nose... but i'll fight it till the end.Thanks!