Monday, July 16

status: confirmed

It's finally a confirmed status of where my first ever sit-in designer job will take place at.

:Yes, I'm a junior designer in Arc Worldwide now.

:No, not Leo Burnett but somehow Arc Worldwide is part of LB.

:Yes, I'm settling down in KL and still resides in where I live since 7 years ago (Klang).

:No, I'm not working in Singapore and the intention to work there has being kept into a shut off box inside my brain.

:Yes, I have a desk with a Mac OS G4 version 10.3.9 with a LG CRT screen.

:No, I could not log into any messenger at workplace yet due to trouble shooting.
Yes, I'll get it fixed ASAP.

:Erm, the generic salary rate of a fresh grad who works in a design firm.

:Well, it's definitely a nice cozy huge great interesting place here but too bad i'm not sitting next to windows.

:Yes, I would and could meet Yasmin Ahmad every working day here in office. She has very private and nice room of her own.
and guess what? I went to bought Sepet and Gubra dvd on my first working day!
but i forgotten to buy Mukshin. Guess the dvd is not yet released. I'm gonna watch them and then, and then, and then go knock on Yasmin's door and kindly ask for autograph. :D

It's only my second day here in Arc. Lots to be catched up and life has begun.


jiad said...

I cried during Mukhsin..
Btw I saw the DVD in Speedy!

jo_anne said...

yeaps! i'm gonna grab it soon!