Saturday, July 7

No time no time!

The things I have no time to do:

No time to clean my table;
No time to arrange my messy closet;
No time to organize n' categorize my files in computer;
No time to start execute the ideas i had in mind;
No time to touch the typo stamp foam that i've just bought;
No time to read the book that I've read quarter of it;
No time to compose a complete song that I've suppose to complete long time ago;
No time to share about the latest movie i've watched in my blog;
No time to think about what I'm going to ask Sagmeister when he's standing in front of me;
No time to tell my mum I love her so much;
No time to walk into my bro's room and ask about his life lately;
No time to call my sis in Australia and only expect her to call;
No time to learn up the complete guitar playing of John Mayer's [heart of life];
No time to learn up Cheer Chen's [tai cong ming]'s guitar playing;
No time to continue self learning in Japanese Language;
No time to learn Macromedia Flash 8;
No time to explore editorial writings and start writing social critics;
No time to do exercise and where the hell is my [get-rid-of-buncit-tummy] project has gone?

Whole lot of no-time-to-do-things in my life has made me a hippie. I intend to lead a Hippie lifestyle by being happily lame ever after.

I'm not sure how long I can be happily lame before turning into sorrowfully lame and then find myself has no time to cry. :)


jelli said...
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jiad said...

No time to talk to your family? You just need to try..

Why not post this up in


MyKy said...

good point jiad...

Why no time? Sure there's time for these important stuffs but require only a fraction of your time.

Anyhow i'm back in uni. So bloody restless...