Thursday, March 15

A week gone~

It's been sometimes that I've been neglected.

Internet services neglected me.
MSN neglected me.
Email checking neglected me.
Assignments neglected me.
Meetings neglected me.
Aggressiveness neglected me.

It was an up&down's week where i've experience the extreme changes of emotion.
I could not say more for the moment as assignments are really getting up my nerves that i could not even breath.

For brief, i've lost my dear grandpa in a sudden night last week when i was looking at my piling-up-assignments on my desk miserably. I was stoned. I was worried. I was in the state of anxiety.

I could not say more. He has gone.

Death is a process. That's what i've experienced in the whole last week in Mersing, Johor attending the funeral. Funeral is a process, the shorter it is, the better.

I had some brand new experience. I had some brand new perception. But most important is that I pray that my grandma would learn how to restart her life without my grandpa.

A week gone. Another week comes where assignments and projects are all about.

"Ding, ding, ding!"

Times up. Work, work, work!

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