Thursday, March 22

Mojoskine vs. the Clothbound Journal

My prestigious self-made Notebook/idea book/sketch book- MOJOSKINE! (new series from Moleskine)

I thought that i really need a book that i could sketch and jot down all my thoughts and ideas I had wherever I am. So I made this one! But then....

...comes the lovely yeeellow Clothbound Journals! (168 pages hardcover clothbound blank journals made with 100% recycled Sappi Reviva@ paper.)

(oh-sh*t, i forgot what font is this....)

This is the nicest journals/books I've ever had in my life. (Before this, MOJOSKINE is the nicest one.)
I 'won' it in a 'game' during a gathering in Figtree Studio with friends and nicest people around early this year. Thanks to the courtesy of Figtree Design Studio. I'M LOVING IT!
Therefore till now, this journals is still very much untouched as I'm afraid i'll leave dirty finger prints on it. It just looks too nice and exclusive for me to write anything down! Nevermind, I'll eventually use it someday in the future.


Cypher SWH said...

If I'm not mistaken, that is Brothers by Emigre.

Anonymous said...

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- David