Thursday, March 29

Are you in love?

I've been browsing through my music playlists. (A lot of ) Love songs are scattered around.
Here's some of my favourites of all time:

Better Together- Jack Johnson
Comfortable - John Mayer
Love Is A Game - The Magic Numbers
Delicate - Damien Rice
Coffee - Copeland
来来回回 - Jacky Cheung
- 陈绮贞

And the list goes on.....

Eventually i find myself falls into those subtle love songs. Not too intense, just subtlely enjoying being in the mood of love.
The next step, I went to Wiki, and i found this:

This article has all the rationale describing each type of love and relationship in a brief and easy understanding way. Pretty interesting and scientific statement about love.
I wonder if there's another category called Subtle Love.

Well, you might wanna ask yourself which kind of love are you into, if you are in love at the moment.

Happy Lovey-dovey day!


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MyKy said...

Yes baby i'm so inlove... HAHA!
Eh visit la my blog as well wei. I switched to blogspot as well.