Saturday, September 1

Raccoon attacked!

Friends asked me about working life in Leo Burnett KL.
I would either tell them about how friendly is Yasmin Ahmad or how great is LB office's environment. It's like a 5 star resorts for a little girl like me.

At least I don't feel like a design labourer or slaves.

But somehow this phenomenon amused me:
Raccoons are found in the office.
Yes, raccoons. Apparently there are 3 raccoons found intruded since years ago and has been shown up actively caught by CCTV at late nights. Anyway it made sense as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is located just besides the office building.

Until one fine day I go to work as usual and reach to office and walked toward my desk and found this......

Raccoons attacked!
My 'candy box' are being sabotaged and the caramel chocolates inside are being eaten!

I salute to the raccoons as they know how to unwrapped and enjoy the taste of sweet caramel chocs and guess what? The raccoons are so kind enough that they didn't eat all of my candies but left one inside the box. Aren't they cute? =_="
It was a mess on my desk. They left big and small foot prints and dropped fur on my papers with chocolate stains all over the place.

These footprints are found sometimes ago. They climb walls like spiderman!

The moral of the story:
Don't ever leave any food on your desk.

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yisuen said...

eh i think its cute~ XD