Sunday, September 2

Hello fishes.

"I need to be alive again."

Lately I felt dull sitting in office and staring at computer while mousing on Corbis and Getty.
So I unintentionally spoke out my thoughts to few people about rearing fish in office.
"Why fish?"
"Because I don't like rearing any other animals."
"And because fishes are easy to be taken care of and its not expensive at all."
Few days later, my parents bought me these:

How lovely are the fighting fishes! A blue one and a red one who love to fight!
Raccoons are omnivore. And the raccoons in my office would be very happy if I left my fishes on my desk overnight. Hence I could only see my fishes at home after working time.

Later on, I went IKEA and bought two Vasen glass to give my fishes a better home. Tada!

I even bought blue parlor glass decoration to make their home prettier.

It is the ultimate pleasure of taking care of two fighting fishes and watch them swimming happily ever after. (At least better than swimming in the small box in fish shop)

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