Thursday, May 3

a drum's night~

In the mid of April (during my peak rushing project time), Mr Henry called up and said:" hey, let's go watch drum play." I thought of pushing away everything that's seducing me to put down my work and go relax. I knew I had to relax somehow but going out on a saturday night for a drum play in KLPAC was way too sumptuous for me.

Anyhow, the passion of Mr Henry has successfully persuaded me to pay him the money of buying the tix which I would have no excuse to escape from the show. It's MONEY! I can't waste money....

So the night came, together with another friend who is very passionate about drum percussion, Tera, 3 of us went to KLPAC to watch the show performed by Hands Percussion Team.

Well, great applause and ovation to the show! There's no way to say regret 'bout watching the play. Technically, it's bombastic and proffessional to the extend of heart pumping and jaws dropped with the non-stop-drum-hitting action and the neatness of more than 10 people hitti
ng the same beats. There's no doubt an international standard's of a drum percussion as they had proved it to the local audience once again. (first time for me)

Comes to the emotional part, where story and acting are considered, the whole show was still very attractive and bravo as drums percussion is all about the emotion of connecting the body and mind into the drums. But still, all i could remember is how the fantastic beats that hits me rather than the emotion that lingers. The emotion is still a little bit weaker in certain parts.

That night was crowded with passionate audience. We met people from TOA, alot of teens from KL Chong Hua HighSchool and I thought I saw Mr Sek San and a lot of familiar faces which I was unable to shout out the names. Well, Tera still owe me 30bucks for the merchandise she bought while I bought a t-shirt for myself. I was broke then. =_="

Words are useless to describe, sometimes. Go experience it in the coming show. (I do not know when.)


stephenie_xuan said...

GOOD~!!!! you went for that performance~!
I'm so sad that I couldn't attend!!
I am sure it was great~!!! :)

jo_anne said...

Yeah, i can't get no satisfaction the whole night! It was an awesome performance. When you are back, hope that we could go for a show. Haha, if you are back.