Tuesday, June 19

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

How to attract 20 million tourists to Malaysia in year 2007?

I don't quite know.
Perhaps the regular tourist hot spots of beautiful sand beaches and crystal clear sea water at the east coast's islands, exotic kampung living sceneries at certain rural area, the living aboriginal legend hidden in the East part of Malaysia, several hot spots that we could name in 10 seconds such as Penang, fresh air in Cameron Highland, mother nature of Taman Negara (Pahang), old town of Ipoh, fishing villages in Terrenganu, Batik making in Kelantan etc etc.
Or perhaps the interesting flash flood swimming party in KL, the awesome frightening rob and rape cases in JB and even and the latest murder trial of a beautiful Mongolian which is so happening lately. (I do love M'sia so much although i'm leaving soon.)

I found an interesting spot in London just a minute ago. Amora London.
How I wish to visit London now! A sex theme park, how attractive is the term. Calling it The Academy of Sex and Relationships would be just nice. Educational and inspiring.

"The more sex we have the more we want and the less sex we have the more we want."

This comes from the Academy's director Dr Sarah Brewer regarding to Amora London.
The space is made of few zones including [Sexplorium], [Sensorium], [Fantasy&Fetish], [Love&Desire] etc etc. By looking at the names give much imagination though but I doubt that it could hardly be nasty. The emphasis is on the educational content and the efforts are to make it fun and inspiring.

Very interesting concept and ideas which definitely makes good tourism spots for local and foreigners.
I would say I'm truly attracted and would love to pay visit to this Amora London. (although it costs 15pounds per entry)

Nevertheless, I would say I'm truly interested in conquering Mt. Kota Kinabalu, too! (Wait for me Mr mountain KK, I'll come to you very soon when the right time comes!)

Cheers, and visit Malaysia~

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