Monday, June 11

So now what?

I was (and still am) in a quite lost status of my life currently.

Reason: Because I have graduated from college. (Because I am going to walk out from my comfort zone)


I was yelling “Hurray” and sipping Teh-o-ais limau in the mamak stall chatting with friends about what to do for our holidays after the exhibition work.

The List(!):

1. Getaway! (the first choice is always Pulau Redang.)

Then, sure its going to be:

2. KTV! (a bunch of karaokeans here)

3. Movie in the cinema (any showing one)

4. Makan Chao Dao Fu in Conaught’s pasar malam

5. Bowling

6. Clubbing

7. Swimming

8. (Someone suggested) Ice Skating

9. (optional)2d1n in Genting Highland or;

Cameron Highland or;

Port Dickson or;

Malaaca or;

(any nice place in)Sabah or;

(any nice place in)Sarawak etc.

and the list goes on….

But guess what?! None of the plans were executed together except that we did go for karaoke in one of these past days.


After that, friends (including me) were busy going for interviews. I went for two interviews so far. One located in Damansara Kim and another one is Arc Worldwide(Leo Burnett) in KL.
And another one coming which is DraftFCB in Midvalley. That’s the only 3 companies that I’ve sent my resume to and later on I went for a 4d-3n family trip to Tioman island. (photo updates coming soon)

The first company was looking for designer with knowledge in software Adobe Flash and Aftereffect. The job scope is related to government bodies (DBKL, MPK etc) which I am to design the layout for some messages deliver from them to the public which will be displayed on certain electronic billboards that you can find on the road. Besides that, I would have to do whatever design jobs that is assigned by the boss as I will be the only designer for its company and meanwhile there would be another designer working hand in hand for certain jobs.

I rejected the offer after 2 days. Reason: I am not ready to work alone.

The second company, needless to say it’s a huge international advertising agency. The office is a real nice place to work at. After having interviewed by two young pretty creative directors, I was told to wait for reply in a week time.

A week has gone. Silence.............. (I take that as a negative response.)

The third company that I am going to visit tomorrow is another big agency. Heard it was more corporate and serious. I do not know anything, yet.

But come to this stage, I have another idea in my mind which I felt much more attractive.
"Let’s go Singapore!"
Reason(s): More money, more exciting, more challenges. The challenges here refer to the brand new environment that I’m going to adapt to.

I love changes. I love challenges. And I am about to walk out from my comfort zone to place myself into a total unfamiliar situation. I do not know whether it’s a right decision but I am really excited about walking out from the place where I grew up. And I chose Singapore to be the first station since accommodation and food supply is not a problem there.

This plan is still in its early stage. Not much people know about it but I think the path to Singapore will be clearer once I’ve figured out the right timing. (Probably end of June 2007)

So, now what? Keep on exploring!

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