Sunday, June 10

Asylum Graduates Exhibition Launching [ep.2]

More exclusive photos on the launching day!

[The Place]

[Mr Chin Wee]
-the representative of Mr Tatsun and Ms Veronica
(Wee, we are the 1st batch ever to escape from their presence and speech!)

[Sarah, president of the batch]
-giving speech

[The people]

[The Lauching]
-This is how we launch the exhibition: colours dripping!

[Guests trying to spread some creative juice onto the canvas, too!]

[This is how the canvas looks like at the end.]

[In the exhibition gallery: so stuffy and hot!]

[Exclusive: my dad and bro came to give support.]

[The working crew and friends]

[Batch 45: ASYLUM]

[The final word: Bye Bye!!!]

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