Thursday, June 7

How far can I go?

Sometimes I wonder how much efforts should I put in doing a task.

But all of the time, I put 100% efforts because I do not want to spend too much time on thinking how much efforts should I put into it before starting a task.

And most of the time, the efforts that I put into a task rely much on the interest that I have in that particular task.

I love it, I'll give in 100% efforts.
I really really love it, I'll give in 102%.
(That 2% is beyond what I can give, but I still try my very best to give.)

This particular task has made me gone much much further than what I've expected.

This is the furthest efforts (money+courage) so far that i'd put into stretching my hair into the maximum shape it could be.
This is the 102% that I'm talking about. I did not expect I could go this far.

(This hairstyle is dedicated to my mum, for her Annual Line Dance Party held in April 2007.)

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