Tuesday, October 2

White Lies Week

I've been good at telling lies for the past two weeks.

(2pm-I'm working in office and my handphone rang)
Mum: Are you coming home for dinner?
Me: Yes. I'm coming back at about 8pm today.

Dad: You're on your way back now?
Me: Erm, yeah i think so, em, leaving office soon.

Me: .......

Dad: Hey dear, are you coming back today? Should I heat the soup for you now?
Me: Yaya, i'm coming back. I'll drink the soup.

Me: ....... (slowly walking to carpark getting my car)

me: Slurpppppppppp.......(drinking cold soup)

This has been going on for the past two weeks.

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MyKy said...

HAHA!! See i was right by naming u work-o-holic on my link! Hah!