Sunday, July 6

In these 30 days of June #3 Quality Control

Mother's Day and Father's Day has been one of the reason for my family to go out for a night of good food and have ourselves indulge in dining. We spent one of our Saturday night in June at Victoria Station in USJ Taipan to 'celebrate' Father's Day.

It's kinda luxurious to dine outside nowadays since the petrol-raised-days and every penny spent should worth its value but somehow it's pretty screwed dinner that night. We were arranged to dining table on first floor which is to get a waiter is rather difficult and frustrating.

The food price is raised but quality of food didn't raised along with. I had sizzling steak that was too sizzling. The chips are burnt at the bottom so as partial of the sauces. They got me new plate of potato chips later but I think I should have get them to replace more vegetables instead of chips. A so-so dinner made a so-so night or maybe I wasn't in the mood. Workloads in the office had taken over me. I'm getting tired and more tired each day. System in my body must have screwed up somewhere. I need to balance up my 'yin and yang'.

I need to do something about it.

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