Sunday, January 13

About My Working Place

My mind is obtuse. Couldn't focus and write much at the moment and hence pictures are in place to tell you I had some great times at work with colleague (besides the demanding workloads, late nights, weekend-working, miserable feelings and mind boggling observation, unsatisfying job progress , nasty deadline, boring times...etc).
More to be updated in words. :-)

This is taken during the last day of Matt who's leaving. ( The one in black Tshirt standing at the back) At the same time, welcome the new came Art Director, Ryan!

This is taken during the last day of George who's leaving. (The specky one squatting beside me)
At the same time, welcome the other new came Art Director, Jamie!

This is taken during an exercise session in FRIM, Selayang with my 3 sweet, cute and nice colleague. (from left to right: Me, Yann, Syok, and Jill)
We were in desperate state of exercise deprivation and thus we agreed to have ourselves sweating out on a fine weekend. It was fun!

Tada! An year-end eating out in Jung Won @ Jln Ampang, KL among Arc's creative. Excellent Korean food and dining environment with laughters and speeches and nonetheless a couple of Shoju (Korean alcohol drink) tossed!

It's going to be my six months of working in Arc KL(or you call it Leo Burnett KL) soon. As I said, feelings are miserable but in a good way i supposed. More to be updated soon. :-)


jiad said...

The last photo O_O

MyKy said...

Wah wah... Seems like nice working place. No wonder u tak sampai hati to leave it every night. Lol