Sunday, January 20


[ˈsiːə / SEE-ah]

in Malay language (according to my Kamus Perdana 1997):
: Sia-sia (
1. tidak berguna, cuma-cuma, tidak berfaedah
(futile, vain, useless)
2. kurang berhati-hati (ketika membuat sesuatu), dengan sembarangan sahaja
(indifferently, carelessly, blindly)
3. omong kosong
4. gagal, tidak berhasil
(wasted, failed)

: sejenis ikan darat (a kind of fresh-water fish)
: mangkuk sia (luncheon box)

: S.I.A - Singapore Airlines

: Sia Furler (or known as Sia)- an Australian pop singer

I knew her through her song 'Sunday' in Grey's Anatomy drama series.
It's a very addictive song and she sings kinda hypnotizing music if you had checked out her album released in year 2004, Color The Same One. I could only remember three songs out of the whole album coz' the rest sounds the same.

Her music produces strong feelings and provokes strong visuals flashing in mind.
That's why they keep appearing in drama series like Six Feet Under, Grey's, and even Spider Man 2's OST.

Sia had just released her latest album, Some People Have Real Problems.
Do check out her live performances in KRCW on Youtube. She has funny look. :D
Fantastic vocal and credits go to the band(especially the bass and cello)!!!

I like her 'numb' music video. Directed by herself and Clemens Habicht.

Sia - Sunday

Sia - Numb

Sia - Breathe Me

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