Sunday, January 20

The very last moment of year 2007

I spent it with my family and darling buddy, Wendy. And many many beautiful aunties and strangers.

Special thanks to my dear foofoo for making such special appearance in my mum's line dancing count down party (regardless of how it might bored people away). Hope she did enjoy the night.

Initially I wasn't going to celebrate the ending of year 2007 nor the welcoming of year 2008 coz' I was just too tired to. All I wanted to do is to stay home do whatever I wanted to (usually watching TV, playing guitar or reading) but I chose to help out mum at her party. I did the holding and talking on microphone part and music control part where suitable music comes out for sessions of the night including lucky draw, game, dancing etc. That's what I do for most of her line dancing party since six years ago.

Yeah, I don't really do line dancing or any kind of dance. Pathetic to be the daughter of a line dance instructor. I did learn line dancing from my mum before I joined college but it was like 4 years ago. Guess one of my new year resolution is to catch up with mum in line dancing.

Welcome, the dancing 2008! (Bit too late to say?!)


Lixuan_欣星 said...
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Lixuan said...

huala... is wendy!!!
havent seen her for ages!!!
how is everyone doing?
be happy ya!!

u la, Jo!!!
told u to catch up with ur mum since I knew she is a line dance teacher, haha... finally u appreciate it huh!
never too late!!! Enjoy oO!!!

:) cheer