Sunday, January 13

Singapore Design Festival '07 #2

An installation at Orchard Rd and the journey of exploring exhibition started here:

#1: 20/20 (*exhibition displayed works from 20 designers in S'pore)

#2: 10 Touch Points (*there're some winning brilliant idea found here.)

#3: National Museum S'pore (*awesome architecture)

Swiss and Kenny are busy reading directions and brochures.

#3: National Museum S'pore : Architecture Design

My favourite architecture display among all.

#3: National Museum S'pore : History of Audi Car design

#4: Red Dot Museum

#5: The Asylum @ Ann Siang Rd (*can't control from spending in this place )

#6: Swiss:Nordic @ Ann Siang Rd (*beautiful Swiss-imported goods sold here which I couldn't afford to buy yet.)

S'pore City Gallery signage inside the Urban Redevelopment Authorities (URA) building.

#7: Singapore 1:1 @ URA (*The model display of entire Lion City's physical structure development.)

Dinner with Ted Loong @ AngMoKio H

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