Sunday, January 13

Singapore Design Festival '07 #3

Other places I've visited during Singapore trip are:

La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore at McNally St.

A place where students would spend their whole day in the campus practicing creativity unlike TOA. Great architecture and its like the coolest art college I've ever been to.

• One of the must visit shop in Singapore is MUJI. Mr Kenny and Mr Henry's so into it.

I bought a MUJI camera for SGD 7.90. There's gonna be 27 pictures shot and i'm gonna make them into a poster. There's still 1 more picture left to shoot.

• Later at a night I went strolling at Clarke Quay with Mr Henry while Kenny, Swiss and MeiMun had gone back to Malaysia. It was Tuesday and there's no crowd at all. I like the directory in Clark Quay. So well designed and interesting presentation.

Heneiken's Christmas's advertising decoration along Clark Quay.

The G-Max reverse bungy thingy.

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