Saturday, February 16

Hiking frenzy

Hiking has became my hard core hobby and I talk about it more often than ever since the return from Gunung Dato'.

A colleague of mine who happens to be a pro-hiker (who'd been conquering Gunung Ledang, Gunung Tahan, and hiking expedition to Pakistan, China and lots more) had frequent conversations with me surrounding hiking and a hiking trip was suggested among my colleagues.

Tada. We decided to go to Bukit Tabur nearby MIA in Wangsa Maju on a fine weekend before the coming of Chinese New Year. I invited my dear brother to join the hiking trip as he's enjoying his Uni semester break. (That's how I got plenty of nice pictures shot with my Nikon D50)

Six of us gathered and follow Andy the pro-hiker to the destination. One of us is totally new to hiking and some of us weren't active in outdoor sports. Hence it took us 4 hours to experience Bukit Tabur which I think it could be just two and half hours of journey. Anyhow it was an enjoying one and probably because with the guidance of Andy, I(we) felt pretty relax and less worried about the dangerous and crazy rock climbing part which expertise is critical.

We took it pretty slow and part of it is because most of the time we were taking pictures. Three cameras were crazily snapping here and there. Although it is not as rural as Gunung Dato' and no cooling fresh breeze but pretty nice scenery up there.
Let the pictures say it all. (thanks to Yann and my bro, Ivan for their lovely pictures)

It was this hill that we've conquer. Felt so proud!

enchanting scenery

the other side of enchanting scenery

Andy, the pro hiker

The beginning of the journey at 10am

Rock climbing is fun!

Enchanting scenery 2

This is the most challenging technical part out of the whole journey.

Andy patiently guiding us through the whole process like what to take note when climbing different rocks.

enchanting scenery 3

15 minutes of rest. ( from left: Yann, Miss Mojojo and Syok)

Favourite picture taken by Andy with Yann's camera.

Told ya. The rock climbing part could looked really crazy for rookies like us.

Group picture before going down the hill.
( From left: Miss Mojojo, bro Ivan, A.E Jill, Andy, Yann and Syok)

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