Saturday, February 16

The best moment of 2007

Was it too late to share about my best moment of year 2007?

Well, it was the moment when I spread my arms and breathe freely while looking at the pieces of earth that I'm stepping on. That I felt alive. Again.


The week before the year of 2007 ended, I went hiking at Gunung Dato (or Gunung Datuk) in Rembau, N.Sembilan with a friend who introduced the lovely mountain to me. We had light breakfast and drove all the way from Klang to the rural place in an hour and half time. I was pretty excited and didn't know about the toughness of the hiking trip that's going to be.

I still clearly remember that feeling being reached to the summit after two hours plus of hardship going all the way up. It wasn't easy at all that the thoughts of giving up the trip flashed few times in my head. Same went to my hiking mate, Chai Chin as both of us haven't been exercising since the beginning of our career life months ago. In fact it was the toughest hiking trip I've ever had so far!

I have absolutely no idea that the mountain that I've conquered has height of 2,900ft until I've visited this blog that I've just googled randomly. He definitely has great sense of describing the hiking trip and great pictures taken in his trip. (Do click here and here to see how challenging and frightening it was to reach to the top of world)

It was 1pm in the afternoon yet I felt cooling breeze surrounding me and the welcoming of the chirping birds flying around gracefully. What a heart-pumping, breath-taking, provoking yet tranquil, unbelievable, unexpected, overwhelming and totally brand new feeling to be standing on the peak. Me and Chai Chin sat on the peak and stare at the sky for an hour munching potato chips. (Chin brought two bottles of 1.5litres mineral water and a bottle of chips in his backpack) We were sad to leave and it took us almost two hours to go down the mountain.

Right before we conquer the highest point of Gunung Dato, we met a group of three Malaccan who took our nice pictures of conquering that they promised to send to us via email. Really hope that they still remember the promises.

Wonderful trip thanks to Chin and it did give me a new sight of life.

p/s: We had difficulties climbing stairs due to thigh muscle ache the days after.

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